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Creeping Bentgrass

Creeping Bentgrass has been a part of Pro Green's DNA since our conception. We pride ourselves on consistently producing the best quality Bentgrass sod available.

Bentgrass varieties currently in production include Penncross, Penn-A1, A+, 777, 007 XL, and Oakley. Custom blends are available on request.

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Pro Green, Inc provides a variety of choices when it comes to harvesting Bentgrass sod. Bentgrass sod is available in 18" wide small rolls, 21" wide slabs, and 42" wide big rolls. This allows us to cater to our customers' needs and preferences. 


Pro Green, Inc also offers washed Bentgrass sod. If a turf manager needs to repair or replace the surface of a green, there simply isn't a quicker way to return the green to play than with washed sod.  Washed sod also allows the ability to maintain the greens mix profile in its current state. It is as close to a seeded green that you can get. 


Hex plugs are another option for golf maintenance managers who are looking to repair small areas. Hex plugs can be a great solution as they are easy to install and typically don't require ongoing attention after installation. Turf managers can obtain Bentgrass plugs from our farm at any time and in any variety that we grow. We can also supply a new Miltona hex plugger if needed. 

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