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Washed Bentgrass Sod

Pro Green has successfully provided washed bentgrass sod to golf courses for over twenty years because washed sod WORKS.


Managers needing to resurface a green have no quicker way to return the green to play than with washed sod.  The ability to maintain the greens mix profile in its current state is an important consideration.  With washed sod, there is nothing between the turf and your profile.  It is as close to a seeded green that you can get. 



In nearly all cases, washed sod will root into a sand based green quicker than sod that is not washed.  The wash process stimulates the plants to add roots quicker.  In addition, washed sod can be produced 50% cheaper than sod grown on greens mix and because of its lighter weight, it can be shipped up to 20% cheaper on large projects.   


Washed sod is stacked onto pallets with the rolls usually stood on one end to promote draining.  Each standard roll covers 10 square feet and are 18 inches wide.  In some cases, the rolls can be cut into custom lengths and up to 21 inch widths. 

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