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Custom Bentgrass Cuts

We have also provided sod in CUSTOM LENGTHS of 15 feet or more for those long hydraulic leaks.  We sometimes call these two man rolls because of their weight.  Our 21 INCH WIDE rolls reduce the incidence of seams by 18% versus the typical 18 inch rolls.  We have also developed a system to provide you with uniform bentgrass HEX PLUGS which can make repairs a lot easier on your time.  We can even PRE-AERIFY the sod for you with core tines so that you will be ahead of that job.


So if you have a repair that needs a special solution, especially in the middle of summer, we are ready with solid ideas to help you get the job done.


Summertime repairs with bentgrass sod can be a challenge.  But incidents occur that require a replacement of turf.  Next comes the decision about the most effective way to make the repair. 


We're always thinking about the challenges that you face and we are always trying to come up with innovative ideas to help make your repairs  work better.  Through the years we've found some solutions that can help lower your stress.

A THICKER CUT OF SOD will perform better during the hot months as compared to a regular cut.  It stands up to traffic better and it can go longer between water applications. 




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