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Custom Bentgrass Blends

Whether you are constructing a new golf course or renovating an existing track, one of the big decisions to make is the selection of bentgrass cultivar.  Obviously, bentgrasses perform differently depending on where you have them growing.  Blending of the best performing cultivars for the local environment is likely the best solution.  

We have been producing custom blends of bentgrass for more than 15 years.  Contract production of a custom blend is all about having the construction date match the proper maturity of the sod.  After all, you are only using sod to mitigate the time that the course is closed.  Pro Green has always met its harvest deadline.


Pro Green purchases only the highest purity seed and we always use fumigated soil.  You can be sure that you receive the pure blend that you requested while also meeting your construction deadline.

So if you are planning a greens renovation project and you would like to use a custom blend of bentgrass, please give us a call. 


Pro Green's regular production of bentgrass sod is a mono stand of  well proven and widely used bentgrass cultivars.  We change as improvements change. 


Current varieties include: 




Pure Distinction 



Penn A-1


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