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Bentgrass Hex Plugs

Perhaps it is just human nature for golfers to focus on the one bad spot in an otherwise flawless green. 


PLUGGING is a practice that has served golf maintenance professionals for many years.  It is an inexpensive solution that can have a great positive impact on golfers' satisfaction.  Plugs are great fixes because they quick, easy, and don't require much ongoing attention after they are installed.


In the past, if your course didn't have a bentgrass nursery, you were stuck with having to order sod for a job that could be better fixed with a plug.  For those who did have a nursery green, the typical solution was to harvest plugs, and then have to repair the nursery with new seed or sod.  Nursery greens aren't exactly cheap, either.









We have made plugging quicker, easier, and more cost effective.  Superintendents can obtain the needed bentgrass plugs from our farm at any time and in any variety that we grow.  You won't have to dedicate labor to harvest the plugs, but you will receive plugs that are easier to install because they are uniform in depth.  They are stacked onto pallets in layers, seperated with a cardboard divider.  We wrap them securely so that they can be easily transported to the course.

We can also provide a new  Miltona hex plugger if needed.  

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