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Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is the newest addition to Pro Green's sod lineup and we are pleased to deliver it with the same attention to quality and service that you have come to expect from our other products. 

Bluegrass is all about the quality.  By using fumigated soil, sound BMP's, and rigorous quality control, we do not believe that a higher quality bluegrass sod can be found.


The turf featured in the background and  shown in the video below is our Pure Blue blend from the growers at Pure Seed of Oregon.


Pure Blue is a high purity blend of Jumpstart and Right Kentucky and Moonlight SLT.  This blend produces a turf of high density, great heat tolerance, variable mow height, and beautiful color.


Our Bluegrass is harvested in easy to handle slabs and in 42 inch big rolls.


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