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Bentgrass Sod


Pro Green is committed to providing our customers the best value in bentgrass sod on the market.

We accomplish this by using the best methods to cultivate and maintain our bentgrass and to deliver it to you healthy and ready to go to work.


We've employed or devised many innovations to make your job easier as a turf manager, some of those include:



  • Fumigation

  • Washed sod

  • Pre-aerified sod

  • Uniform hex plugs

  • Custom sod blends

  • Custom lengths/widths

  • Heated/Cooled shipping

If you are a turf manager, we would like for you to think of  Pro Green as your partner in helping you to reach your goal of providing the best possible golfing conditions. 


We can help you with everything from rebuilding whole greens, repairing vandalism, or tidying up stressed areas. 


We will save you work, time, and money.


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