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About Pro Green Inc.

We could say that the success and history of Pro Green is only about the hard work and ingenuity of the Clark brothers.  There would be many true and convincing examples.  And most people would accept that as being the relevant truth and move on.  But that assertion would ignore the many contributors, supporters, and chance encounters that shape who we are. 


As time goes by, choices are made by people which come to affect other people years later.  The person who made the original decision in a matter may die, never having the slightest clue about his or her impact.  That is the true case of the Robbins brothers.


Grover, Harry, and Spencer Robbins began to build golf courses in this area during the mid 1960's.  They had successfully completed the Tweetsie Railroad Park in the 1950's and decided that a golf course and lodge would work in the area.  They built The Hound Ears Club first.  Then they built The Beech Mountain Club, and finally the Elk River Club.

An important thing that golf courses need to survive is a knowledgeable and skillful person to oversee the maintenance of the course.  Monty Melton became that person for the Elk River Club during the early 1980's.  Without Monty Melton's vision, knowledge, and dedication there would be no Pro Green.

During the mid 1980's Melton teamed up with his friends Rusty Estes and Donald Lackey, Jr. as his partners to produce bentgrass sod for golf courses.  The original site was along John's River in Caldwell County.  In 1985, Barry Clark was contracted to Melton to help establish and improve the site.  It was a change encounter.  Later that year, at the suggestion of Barry, John Clark became Melton's first employee.

For ten years the organization grew, except for the times when floods would prevail.  John eventually became the farm manager, running the day to day operations.  He became managing partner when Melton could not devote the necessary time to oversee the project.  In 1995 the ability to continue to lease the production land came into question.  This caused great uncertainty and difficuties.  As a result, the partnership was dissolved.

Late in 1995, a new corporation was formed by the Clark brothers.  They located bottom land in Morganton, North Carolina.  This land had been farmed for hundreds of years, probably growing everything except bentgrass.  During the 1990's and continuing until 2015, the brothers were closely aided and consulted by their parents, Judy and Stuart Clark.  Without them, there would be no Pro Green. 


The brothers have expanded their bentgrass production while improving the quality and management of the turf.  Pro Green expanded into the balled-and-burlap tree business, then into the fertilizer and chemical business for their nursery owning neighbors.  The newest addition to Pro Greeen is their fabric container grown tree business.

The Clark brothers are indebted to our families for supporting us.  We are indebted to our employees who have contributed to the success of a company where there are NO easy jobs.  Our accountant, who has been with us since day one, has played an important role in managing our financial well being.  Hats off to our customers!  You folks just keep coming back and back and back....  We are thankful for the contributions of our salesmen and suppliers because they make Pro Green a better company.  And, finally, but most importantly we thank God for giving us the ability and opportunity to work in the USA. 


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